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Banking Cellection Application

As many of the technologies are seems to be beneficial in banking system for the easy of use and quick access, this Banking collection application also providing more easy way for the collection from the customers.

This system is design for he daily collection from the bank,s customers who have taken the loan. The system provides more secure way for the EMI collection

The system provides the services for the customres for following three segments


  • Bank Statement Fetch AP
  • Account Belance API
  • Payment Enquiry AP
  • 9OTP Creetion and Validation AP
  • VPA besed payment through UP API.
  • Beneficinry Registration & Validetion APL


  • Real time velidetion of collection through cash/cheque/DD/NEFTIRTGS IMPS- 1Surepay, eCollection
  • Hefund to the customer, in case of non-validetion of the remitter
  • UPIAPI for collection


  • Bulk & single payment APl. for multiple modes (NEFT, RTGS, IMPS & FT)
  • Single Payment (IMPS API& InstaPay APl for F)
  • Multi-mode Single Payment APL, for registered or adhoc beneficiary
  • Composite API (Single payment APl for NEFT, RTGS. IMPS, FT. UPI)
  • VPA besed payment through UP API.

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