Our Process

1) Requirement Analysis

At IDEAL TECH INFO we analyses your requirement. When we get your all requirements we start studying the requirements and generate new ideas and modernization throughout the project. Our team members try hard and fast to fulfillment of your requirements.

2) Strategy and Rapid Idea Validation

Our team members suggest their own strategy according to their knowledge. We all discuss about all those rapid ideas then we choose the best one and also implement the ideas of every team member. Due to this rapid idea concept everyone get chance to implementation and also product which generate is very creative.

3) Solutions

We suggest our clients’ changes according to new innovations in the industry. Due to that trending grow of your business may be less. We offer you genuine solutions after studying your problems and also requirements and try our best to save your business from the problem.

4) Reasonable costing

According to your requirements, problems and specifications our costing will be minimum. We think about pleasance and satisfaction about our clients. And then ask you for reasonable costing

5) UX Designing

According to Ideal tech info product which is generating is simple to understand client and very neatly designed. We verify our work by using testing, coding, usability with the help of experts and experienced person from the team.

6) Development

Our all process is according to development life cycle as well as testing life cycle. We allow our developers to implement their new ideas. They code the program and regular changes according to development life cycle. There is work clearness between developer and tester during work, and due to their mutual understanding we can launch product according to client’s expectations on time.

7) Lean analytics

Our test engineers are well experienced in their work. They use process like data driven decisions into your product. From tracking all information, suggestions for change and how can increase profit of product according to customer’s behavior .They check every small thing before launching the product.

8) Post Launch Support

“After launching your product we are free from your service. “You are your own” is the general concept of every service provider. But at IDEAL TECH INFO you will learn what features customer wants and also other things. We have a best support team for fulfill and satisfaction of all our existing and future development and other services clients.

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